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Terry Harwood - Interview with a tattoo artist and musician

Today we sit down and chat with, Terry Harwood, Co-owner of Eye Pollution Custom Tattoos in Boiling Springs, SC.

ViaOmega: What inspired you to begin tattooing?

Terry Harwood: I actually thought it was a good way to meet girls haha. I was very young, fresh out of high school and playing in a band next to a new shop that just opened. Went to hang out over there a few times and thought I could do that. Next thing you know I was in an apprenticeship.

VO: Who was your mentor and how long/ where did you mentor?

TH: My mentor was someone I thought knew what they were doing but turns out he was a con man who hadn't been tattooing long at all. So I guess my true mentor was myself. I had to unlearn everything that was shown to me and re-teach myself.

VO: How long of as process was it to learn and unlearn?

TH: Not as long as you would think actually. I'd say around 4-6 months.

VO: You now co-own your shop in South Carolina; how are South Carolina laws different from North Carolina laws?

TH: The main differences between NC and SC are the licensing and DHEC regulations. Lots of small things but the core rules are pretty similar. Also, the no tattoos above the collar thing. But give it time and that'll be repealed.

VO: What style do you prefer?

TH: I draw from my many years of comic books, sci-fi, horror movies, and metal music for my main inspiration.

VO: What ink brand do you prefer?

TH: My go-to style is black and grey but I also love tattooing anything artsy.

TH: Kuro Sumi for outlining and black and grey depth, Starbrite color, Eternal grey wash ink, and Solid Tattoo inks.

VO: Do you like to chat with your clients, or, play music and vibe?

TH: I do all of it. Talk, jam along with tunes, pretty much run my mouth as much as anyone else does haha

VO: You're also a musician; could you share some of your band's links?





Terry Harwood

2250 Boiling Springs Rd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316

+1 864-285-4548


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