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About ViaOmega

In the world of digital, silenced and easily offended word, ViaOmega stands strong in belief of freedom of speech and expression.

DOUBLE-COVER (flip sided) collector's edition print is delivered as a high quality standard publication, bringing exclusive interviews and articles for the ones who do not obey the rules of the new world. 


2014 brought out Darkadya series to light, delivering a first and one of a kind dark arts collaboration books. From that moment, ViaOmega was slowly shaping from just an idea to dedicated, commercial free magazine with interviews, articles and features chosen carefully by the creator. Within next couple months, the writing crew expanded from a single person to a few well known in the metal publication. Over the years, ViaOmega had a great success and continues to deliver content from fans for the fans. 


Lariyah Perrin


Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

right hand

Uta Arnold

Fernando Serani

Jeanne "DJ JET" Thomas

Olga Schneider

Josh Perrin

Founder, interviewer, art director, editing, publisher, dispatch, CEO

reviews, social media manager

photography, interviews

photography, interviews



interviews, psychology articles

We wish to give our sincere thanks to all past collaborators over the years of publication.


Questions and inquiries in regards of music, art, collaboration, live music,  blackmail, threats and more, ...

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