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After a demo that had only two tracks of misanthropic black metal still manged to reverberate within the underground regardless of its short length, Sotherion's much anticipated full-length has finally landed, and with it a whole new chapter of seething black rage and wrath is upon us. Indeed, it is a feast for the ears that feels like the aftermath of nuclear fallout flattening the charred Earth in its wake. May the hills tremble!

Thus it at begins with a brief dirgey intro called "Shemyaza" before a blazing fast endeavor that is "La Mort Pour Empagnon" arrives, casting raw, rather thrashy riffs all around with growled otherworldly vocals. And what better way to introduce the ferocious diatribe "Word Made Death" than with a short set of chants first before razor-sharp riffing swallows you whole? Buzzing guitars overlayed by heaps of distortion lay everything to waste within the layers of "Famished King" that leads right into "Blood Prophet", epotomizing all things back metal in a tour de force of speed and rage. Finishing off this solo mission of madness is "Shrine Of The Chosen", also the longest track on this bloodsoaked benediction and as hypnotic as it is compelling for you to want more from this egregious act of heinous hatred.

We have observed what is surely to be a rising sensation in the underground as far as caustic blackdeath goes, and with more and more solo acts manifesting its easy to get lost in the mix of so many that appear to come and go. Sotherion are here to conquer so it's a sure bet that plenty more will come to teach us all a hard lesson in capitulation. Until that moment arises...



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