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Although a debut album, Moon Incarnate is comprised of a trio who have a storied discography in Germany's underground scene with acts such as Valborg and Beyondition and have shown an approach to doom and death metal that exudes plenty of grandeur and emotion, with Moon Incarnate being no exception. With gothic atmosphere and haunting synth interspersed throughout, this debut is a somber reprieve for sad souls and despondent spirits seeking their final departure.

"Hymn to The Moon" is a slow and steady dirge to start things off with a somewhat baritone incantation to give our planet's nearest neighbor the veneration that it deserves. Then we get a gothic-tinged and bass-heavy outing on "The Tempest" which really sets the tone with death metal and clean vocals taking turns unfolding a tale of bizarre baroque madness with a liberal use of keys added in for more emotional damage. Slow and theatrical and even using keys to mimic a congregational chant, "A Knight's Death" is a tragic tale of honor and loss that moves at a unforgiving glacial pace. "Minotaur" continues the mixture of death and doom with another excellent exchange of mixed vocal styles feeling as though a sermon is given in honor of an anthropomorphic bull in a claustrophobic labyrinth of pursuit, a game of cat and mouse survival being played with chants heralding imminet doom. And finally, in a tribute to another mythical beast, "Kraken" shows some melody also interywined in the drama, a touch of NWOBHM also sprinkled in to tease the adept listener's ears and keys once again moan and wail to finish the praises to the entities beyond our senses.

High-caliber deathdoom with both romantic and depressing moments scattered throughout, Moon Incarnate's debut is akin to being at an operatic performance in Purgatory while the cast drinks blood from skullgoblets. Melding death and doom metal in a captivating fashion is no easy feat yet Moon Incarnate make it seem like child's play. And this slow descent into madness is well worth the pilgrimage.


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