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Updated: Jul 10


I have extremely fond memories of Limbonic Art's early work, from a time back when "Norwegian black metal" was a personality all of its own that was larger than life (or death). In particular their first two albums were for the time incredibly bombasitc, grandiose and extremely theatrical in nature and within the undeground metal scene there was hardly anything like them. Fast forward to well over twety years later and Limbonic Art is now the solo mission of Daemon and aggression alongside black metal orthodxy is more the order of the day than a cinematic hellscape journey of their much earlier output. So how well exactly does it withstand the test of time decades later?

Briefly taking us to barren frozen landscapes, "Ad Astra Et Abyssos" then blasts off with otherworldly howls and buzzing riffs as Limbonic Art has always been known to masterfully handle. "Deify The Master" gets adepts drum fills accompanying a sort of leitmotif guitar attack to hyptonize the enthralled audience. "Vir Triumphalis" has multilayered chants throughout calling the horde forth into battle with a soaring display of wrath that Daemon dare not stifle, presumably for our sake. With "The Wrath Of Storms" giving slight respite with a short ambient passage to start before Daemon explodes with chilling riffs and plenty of rage to accomplish his nefarious endgame riding those aforementioned storms. Finally "Ars Diavoli" is something to be behled by the ears, drum battery in full force as if The Devil himself is in control and vocals on different wavelengths entirely, Daemon showing us again that he is truly indefatigable after a generation and that The Chronicles Of Limbo shall continues to be written and sealed for ages yet to come.

Indeed, with the lineup now being a single tyrant and the diffrent direction everything has gone, this stalwart act continues to maintain a legacy unvarnished by any grab for stardom and the amount of compromise and lack of integrity that comes along with that, unlike many of their contemporaries. Indeed, things are as fierce and pessimistic as ever, and the essence of true black metal remains eternal. In limbo shall you forever be!




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