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The wait for new material from bloodthirsty Canadian troglodytes Adversarial has neared a long and arduous decade, so we finally have "Solitude with the Eternal" to smash that silence and slake our grueling thirst. And those of us who had been pining away for so long, were our expectations met? Without a doubt, and it's even safe to say that they were shattered on top of that.

With absolutely no mercy given, "Beware The Howling Darkness On Thine Left Shoulder" is a smoldering diatribe of pure audial terror, the fury coming straight out Hell to let the mortal realm know that Adversarial is back with a vengeance. "Hatred Kiln Of Vengenace" then continues the endless onslaught of vile butchery and highlights a bloodcurdling dual vocal attack as it ends. As if offering only a brief reprieve, "Crushed Into the Kingdom of Darkness" may slow things down just a bit at first but nonetheless cultivates an atmosphere of perpetual dread that the trio had perfected. With nothing short of total aggression and disgust comes "Fanes At The Engur" and a drum battery pounding like endless artillery to add to some serious despondency, not to mention the vocals are beyond unhinged here as well. Finally, brace yourself for "Endless Maze of Blackest Dominion" is something to behold, mercilessly plowing through fields of rotten remains of human fertlizer, never letting up and tying things together perfectly, seamlessly, and last but certainly not least, unforgivingly!

The most terrifying form of malevolence conjured up only the best of ways, "Solitude with the Eternal" ushers in a new era of death metal from an act with a good amount of history that kept themselves quiet only to utterly annihilate all of Creation with all of the powers unleahsed out of Hell. With death metal being around for a generations already, it's good to see bands focusing on the basic trope that helped form the genre; violence, misanthropy, and war. And Adversarial prove once again that they are masters of summoning only the most extreme forms of those expressions. Bow down!



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