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package includes:
a double-cover magazine, 
1 double-sided poster (Marduk, Watain)



Bands Featured:

Marduk, Watain, Borknagar, Mork, Forndom, Beastiality, Trivax, Vitriol, Lucifers Hammer, Power From Hell, Inconcessus Lux Lucis

Artists featured:
Carlos Aquilar, Kai Uwe Faust (Heilung), Adam McCarthy, Clayshaper, Jeremy Saffer, Simon Füllemann (By Norse Music), Jonathan Grimm, Horned Gods, Dan Camp (Metal Monkey Brewery), Sandesh Shenoy, Richard Stanley,
plus articles about: Frida Kahlo, Mark Twain, Prokofiev


ViaOmega #11 "Iron Cross"

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  • Shipping within 1-5 business days max from the order time, unless communitated otherwise. 

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