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About ViaOmega

All that needs to be said now is that we are not just another magazine.

We are not writing about the unnecessary news without any significance, about drama, gossip, and all other bullshit. We might mention it in our blog to help out to spread the word to those who seek for such info, but stay assured that our print focuses on much deeper matter. We focus on value, on artistic approach and in-depth conversations and emotions. Or lack of them.
Everything we write about is confirmed by the bands themselves or their managements, Same with artists.
If you are looking for a cheap thrill, this is not for you, but thanks for stopping by.


Lariyah Hayes
CEO / founder and editor-in-chief
of ViaOmega Magazine and Darkadya Books
V.O. section - Interviews, PR marketing, web
DIRECT artists contact

Katey Hamilton
Booking Agent (Katey) + Gamaliel musicians

V.O. section - collaboration

Fernando Serani
Journalist and photographer

V.O. section - Music Interviews and photo
Austin Krueger
Azerine musician, Classical Music Performance scholar

V.O. section - ViaClassica , Music history
David Simmons
Occultist  and photographer

V.O. section - Classical Literature, Occult
Uta Arnold - Twilightheart Photography

V.O. section - Music

ViaOmega Underground collaborators:

​Michael Mahyar Hojjatie - lead
William Gaylor
Katey Hamilton
David Simmons
​Jared Compton

other guest collaborators:

Ramon Oscuro (issues 1-3)
Dayal Patterson (Cult Never Dies)
Jon Kristiansen (Metalion)
Tim Izykowski
Amelia Dillman
​Ashley Hanks
​Sarai Chrzanowski

Past collaborators respects to:

Oscar Vindelfors - lead
Nicholas Affatato
Justin Burges
Jay Hamilton